6 quartz resistances and no use of fans.

It is a thermal stimulator with adjustable infrared for all treatments that do not need the intervention of ventilation:
PERM: Pearl helps with the penetration of the liquid, as a result, curls are more uniform. Especially recommended on long hair.

HAIR DYE: The product will be more effective on the hair. The dye will be more homogeneous over the entire lenght of the hair. Ensures a good development of oxidizing agents allowing a long-lasting colour.

STREAKS AND BLEACHING: Contributing to a more delicate penetration of bleach, eliminates sensitization and long waiting times. The orientation of the arms allows to operate effectively on streaks.

BRUSHING: Pre-dries the hair into the desired shape, preparing it to all kinds of hairstyle and additional treatments with hairdryer, iron, etc ...


6 automatic programs with default parameters and 5 temperature levels.

6 quartz resistances, possibility of partialization of all areas of operation both front and back,

useful for local treatments such as streaks, bleaching or whatever applies to just one area of the head to be treated.

Just a single level of moderate ventilation, so that it does not ruin the hairstyle.

Generates an adjustable chamber of heat, which is widespread and homogeneous.

Arms can be adjusted also during treatments.

Electronic control of the commands with vocal confirmations.

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